• Prima – Patch Fittings

    In the field of architectural fittings for glass doors,
    P&M provides high quality and total design flexibility for ease of installation, safety, security and
    Our standard fittings are designed to suit 8-15mm glass panels.
    8-10-12mm glass panel – Use different thickness of gasket
    15 & 19mm glass panel – Use extended screws & pivots.
    Pivot point from side panel is either 55mm or 65mm.

    Door Weight Calculation

    To estimate glass panel weight, the basic formula to use will be:
    WIDTH (m) x HEIGHT (m) x 2.5 factor x glass thickness (mm) = Y kg
    Therefore, for a glass panel of 12mm thickness, 1.0m width and 2.7m height, the glass panel weight
    will be 1.0 x 2.7 x 2.5 x 12 = 81kgs.
    Fittings are designed to carry maximum weight up to 120kg but for door width exceeding 1100mm,
    it is practical to use door rails.

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